We are MXS

Shootin' for the moon landing on the stars

Space cowboys

MXS is a  one-man+∞ studio operation.

I like to work and play with awesome creatures and humans independently from where they physically locate themselves at any given moment, as that is a detail of no importance.

So, the infinite symbol above means: MXS it is a one-man “conducted” show, but the network I leverage for any given project is so huge and top-tier, it’s almost infinite.

What it means shooting for the moon, landing on the stars? It means I don’t want nor need to reinvent the wheel, I loot at businesses functioning in mature markets, add my special twist and launch them in underserved markets. I create at the intersection of SaaS, media, social commerce, mobile newest apps, phygital products, and everything that can disrupt the status quo.

I’m lean, fast, create and destroy things and companies in order to test hypothesis. 

At MXS we got a media publisher, releasing blogs, books, music, video, NFTs, design, podcasts, and other content; we got a digital marketing, branding and consulting operation; we got a startup studio program, to create the companies of tomorrow; we got software to increase your value online, to sell on socials, to connect with investors, as well as mobile apps in several verticals.

Boundaries don’t exist into space.


Do everything with just one link

Shorten URLs, create bio link pages & custom QR codes. All with proper analytics of your visitors.


Powerful SEO tools and reports

Identify the most critical technical SEO issues and take action to improve the status and performance of your website.

Powerful Web Analysis & Tools For Your Website

Improve your Search Engine Optimization, analyze your competitor’s sites and reach new customers online.


Sell your company to the perfect investor

Let us introduce you (at no cost) professional venture capitalists, funds and business angels looking for profitable companies for sale.

MXS Ventures

A co-founding program

Start-up studio as service.

MXS Consulting

Strategy&Business Development Consulting, Branding, and Digital Marketing operation.

We help businesses generate sales through their websites.