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Our core focus

Business&lifestyle solutions for modern creatives.

We cover every area of an entrepreneur or freelancer’s lifestyle, as for us an entrepreneur and creative is a whole human, holistic ecosystem: both her business world as well as her personal sphere are important. Business development, marketing, content,wellness and nutrition,  health are all areas we develop solutions for.

Lifestyle Tech



Innovative business&marketing tools are our bread and butter. We create tools to expand your biz.


With a background in health and an obsession for wellness, we love to create solutions in this space.


Creativity and lifestyle are two of the broader and most exciting verticals one can work in. Endless.

Discover our products

Embark in a journey of exploration and awe.

IRL initiatives

Every now and then, we arrange real life events, meet-ups, and workations, in order to connect, engage and collaborate with partners, clients and other creatives. We started in 2016 and never looked back.


We got a sister digital agency, playin’around with branding, design, marketing and business development. Same chutzpa, but for clients.


A fully remote, one-man company focusing on the intersection of business and lifestyle technology solutions to ease and enhance the lives of prosumers.