We believe that technology can help human beings to a better life.

That's Why

WE ARE B2B+B2C=H2H (Human to Human)

About mXS

A Remote Company

Our mission is to enable people and organizations to get the most out of it.

We create products and services for the humans of today and tomorrow: prosumers, freelancers, small businesses, creators, players, creatives, individuals interested in original and affordable solutions for today’s lifestyle.

We don’t like the traditional labels dividing B2B and B2C! We are here to disrupt the status quo.

Let’s face it: today each of us is both a consumer and a business.

The lines between individuals, creators and businesses are blurring everyday more. If you are a freelancer, for example, you are all three at the same time. Let’s call ourselves HUMANS.

We are a H2H company, creating solutions for your everyday needs, in order to work, play, entertain, in one world: to live better.

MXS unique structure

These are our three main operations.


The main company, with its own products, services, and brands, internally created and operated.

MXS Ventures

Startup-studio entity, working with external co-founders to launch new startups.


The content side of MXS. Multimedia creation, distribution, and publishing.

MXS Consulting Services

Our Approach

We are here to help you succeed, grow your company or find new profitable avenues for you current or next project.

MXS Consulting works in tandem with the content by MXS+ and the tech expertise of MXS to provide a wide array of vertical services, and integrated approaches.

As the parent operation MXS, this consulting arm is currently a one-man show, with a top-notch, incredibly talented, huge global network of partners, contractors and freelancers.

What it means for you?

You only pay for real work, the job-to-be-done, and not for fancy offices, company overheads, or entourage’s food. We are fully remote and able to assist you in every corner of the globe and in many industry verticals. But if needed, we can also travel to your location, if the project requires so.

We are flexible, lean, fast, and smart, as every consulting entity should be.

You will get the pros of working with freelancers, but with a more structured and managed approach.

We are your gateway to a world of A-grade talent worldwide.

We’ll shape the optimal team around your project and get you results. 

Our Values

The power of integrity.

Client Focus

We're agnostic in every aspect of the business, so we won't try to convince you to use some tool only cause we're used to. This is valid for tactics, partners, tech, or marketing stack. You are at the center. Always.


We succeed when you succeed. It's a win-win. We clearly charge for the value we are able to provide, and always deliver it. Consulting it's about building long-term relationships with clients, that over time become partners. Smoothly.


Having an extremely varied background, we're the best generalist to introduce the best specialists, globally. Your pathway to global excellence, being able to rely on a huge network of awesome professionals and humans, put us in a position of favour to better serve any client's need.


Meet the Team


The power of global talents+the simplicity of one leader= efficiency.

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Our network

Talent Pool


“MxS is fully remote, allowing me to create teams around each project and work anywhere in the world we choose. This enables me to attract the best talent. You’ll find us in coffee shops, home offices, or co-working spaces, working online together to sustainably grow the business. 

MXS is originally a one-man company, lean and fast, counting on a global top 1% outsourced team and network. 

With the MXS Ventures arm focusing on co-founding and spinning-off growing brands into new companies worldwide, the situation is more articulated. Executive teams are created at the newco level to manage the new startup.”

Mattia Settimelli- Founder&Ceo