“MxS is fully remote, allowing me to create teams around each project and work anywhere in the world we choose. This enables me to attract the best talent. You’ll find us in coffee shops, home offices, or co-working spaces, working online together to sustainably grow the business. “

MXS is originally a one-man company, lean and fast, counting on a global top 1% outsourced team and network. 

With the MXS Ventures arm focusing on co-founding and spinning-off growing brands into new companies worldwide, the situation is more articulated. Executive teams are created at the newco level to manage the new startup.

A Remote Company


Our unique structure

These are our four main internal operations.


The main company with its own products, services, and brands, internally created and operated.

MXS Ventures

Startup studio program, working with external co-founders to launch new startups


The content side of MXS. Multimedia creation and publishing is our bread’n’butter.

MXS Brands

The store launching consumer brands in wellness, sustainable lifestyle and personal care.

MXS Consulting

Our extensive knowledge+network, to help you build your dreams, in hot verticals the best locations worldwide.