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Welcome to MXS, where we are dedicated to helping new businesses through their founding journey.

We leverage data, AI, technology, information and our top global network to provide you with the best solutions to rapidly grow your company or project.Why MXS.VC?

MaXimiSe Venture Capital it was how it was born, as initially we used it as a scout page for our connections with micro-Vcs and equity firms.

But it also means: Move at 10X Speed, and more.

Essentially, we like the X logo and X stands for eXplosive 10X growth in business and finance circles. And we like short domains. And, in the end , we are still offering that VC scouting service. So, we hope you like our branding theory.

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How It Works

Platform-as-a Service is a new Do-It-Yourself approach to business development. 

Essentially , you navigate our website, click on the forms and links that are relevant to your situation, take surveys, interact with our AI chatbots, read our docs, articles and resources and subscribe to our free newsletter. 

This is the simplest, most affordable approach for freelancers, bootstrapped entrepreneurs, and bootstrapped startups, that consents us to provide you with the best services and products and keep prices  free or low. You just pay when you buy something from us or our partners and have tons of resources for free. 

Subscribing to the Pro upgrade, you get a premium version of our softwares and analytics and premium partners, on top of some free consulting calls and other perks. Check the PRO page here for details.

This is an added middle-ground service, a done-with-you solution. You can combine it with the other ways of interaction or use it as a first approach. Essentially you call us and get a quick first consulting chat of 15 or 30 minutes (depending by you) at an extremely affordable cost. This payment is essential to give you the best service, it’s mainly a filter to cut out the noise of time wasters and people who are not serious about their business.

In this call we listen to your unique needs and suggest the best tools, solutions and partners we got. Then, you can keep on using our platform to activate your solutions, contact the partners we introduced, or walk away if nothing appeals to you.

There’s no way to book our calendar without paying the call first. One the secure payment has gone through (we use Stripe as processor but you can choose amongst all the major cards and global providers) you’ll be automatically redirected to our free slots on the calendar and can book it.

After the call, you’ll receive a recap document with a summary of our call, links/contacts to partners suggested and all you need.

This is our highest tier of service, and it’s the best solution for VC backed startups, small businesses and serial entrepreneurs or family offices.

You can also use it as a follow-up after our consulting calls or in conjunction with the PRO version of the platform.

Essentially is a done-for-you ideal premium service, where we work with our global top partners to develop or expand your business in new markets, verticals or geos, following best practices, advanced analysis and strategic marketing from top firms and professionals.

It’s a fiduciary consulting service that can bring your business to new heights.

Our Story

A story of our dedication, expertise, and lasting results

Our team has a proven track record of success and is dedicated to helping you achieve financial stability and security.


MXS was founded

The company was founded with a focus on launching CPG digital native brands.



First launch was a success, but we got frustrated with the process. We decided to focus on helping new businesses with the boring phases.


New focus

MXS.VC now helps new businesses and entrepreneurs through software and products designed for them.