We are a small boutique company of one.

We create and launch products, brands and new companies. We are a lifestyle+tech company and our brands and solutions span across several industries.

We are 100% bootstrapped for now, even if we are surrounded by investors of any kind,  and we can consider raising funds on a case by case basis, for our brands. 

Funded by a solopreneur, we work daily with a huge global network of other entrepreneurs, VAs, other companies, service providers, and the likes.


We are vertical agnostic but we got a natural tendency towards the following sectors.

Digital Native Vertical Brands
Digital Art&

A Remote Company

MxS is fully remote, allowing our team to work anywhere in the world they choose. This enables us to attract and retain the best talent while giving our team the freedom to create a work environment that suits them best.

You’ll find us in coffee shops, home offices, or co-working spaces, working online together to sustainably grow our business. We believe the future of business is digital and working remotely gives us an unfair advantage in the marketplace.