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Our wide range of services helps companies build, grow, and improve performance

We use both the best third-party software out there and also unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge.

We build comprehensive SEO campaigns that address all key elements of SEO including expertly executed content optimization, technical SEO, off-site SEO, business citations and Google My Business listings. Search ranking improvements will be seen within the first month of service, with long-term helping to grow your business.

We are a Certified Google Ads Partner.

We produce high-end results at affordable prices, helping businesses grow rapidly and cost effectively. We have no startup fees and require no long-term contracts.

Building and growing your brand on industry leading platforms.

Awesome, fine-tuned websites and stunning logo and branding to give you an incredible advantage over your competitors.


Ranking you higher

Content optimization, technical SEO, off-site SEO, business citations and Google My Business listings.

We got a compunded 20 years of experience in the SEO market and we specialize in vertical-targeted SEO. Wether you are a local, national, continental or global company or you just run a local artisanal shop, we got the right solution, at the right price for you. We pair you with a dedicated account manager, easy and quick to access.

Local SEO

Ideal for small/medium sized businesses, regional or national. We focus on keyword rankings for service related keywords combined with hyper-local geo-targeting.


Here we focus on a broader perspective, Google My Business listings and scaled geo-targeting. Ideal for multi-regional medium businesses or expanding operations.

Corporate SEO

For national, international corporations, and/or complex operations.

Phrase targeting and structured multi-page taxonomies are key, here.

Franchise SEO

We work with many franchisors and franchisee. We can build custom solutions that work best for your structure. We understand franchises and their challenges.

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Our optimal approach to SEO

Our key differentiators

Keyword research

Filling your pages with top ranking keywords in your field.





Technical SEO

Everything affecting the user experience on your website: site speed, mobile responsiveness, SSL security, etc! We’ll optimize everything.



Content Optimization

Strategic integration of the previous steps to further optimize your site’s performance and ranking.



Link Building

Our skilled marketing team get your website in the most relevant web directories, databases, classified websites, GPS maps, and even in voice assistant engines. So you’ll be found, no matter where or how they search.

On-page seo

Title tags, meta descriptions, taxonomy, and content properly optimized. We’ll also make content recommendations to avoid being flagged by search engines.

Off-page seo

Managing Google My Business in order to stand out in Google’s eyes among the competition.



E-Commerce SEO

Specialized techniques for online stores. From product pages optimization to category pages to individual products and CTA, buttons, payment processors. All has its own importance for ranking.

Lead tracking

With Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, we can appropriately track leads and when they come from: SEO, ads, social, etc. So you can optimize your traffic spending.


Why Ongoing SEO

We deliver on a monthly basis. While you won’t waste your budget, we can keep you relevant when it counts for your business. And when you’ll see those results, you’ll keep coming back for more.

THE PROCESS: 1. Campaign setup 2. Optimization 3. Link Building 4. Communications 5. Campaign Review 6. Technical Review 7. Ongoing Optimization 8. Reporting


Booming those conversions

Helping businesses grow rapidly and cost effectively. We have no startup fees and require no long-term contracts.

Google Ads Management Services

With a Google Ads Certified Partner team we can deliver exceptional results at affordable prices.

The sophisticated and ever-growing Google Ads platform allows for massive marketing reach with highly targeted PPC ads through a range of marketing networks.  Choosing the right type of campaign is key:

  • Search Campaigns: Optimize conversions with prospects searching with purchase intent.
  • Display Campaigns: Optimal for reach, brand awareness and remarketing.
  • Shopping Campaigns: The evergrowing visual shopping experience rivaling Amazon.
  • App Campaigns: Optimal for app installs.
  • Video Campaigns: Youtube network boosting.

We’ll assist you along the way, inspiring you to choose the most appropriate campaign for your brand.

Google Ads Services

Search Campaigns

Be found by ready-to-convert prospects actively searching for your services/products.

Display Campaigns

Expand your reach, remarket, build awareness & consideration.


Shopping Campaigns

Showcase your retail products in a visually engaging way to the right audiences.


App Campaigns

Drive engagement and installs for your IOS or Android mobile app.

Video Campaigns

Boost brand awareness with YouTube, target relevant channels and demographics.


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Industry Leading Ads Management

 Our ongoing key campaign optimizations include and are not limited to:

  • Keyword Bids (Quality, Relevancy)
  • Device Bids (PC vs Mobile vs Tablets)
  • Scheduling & Location Targeting Bids (Day of the Week, Time of Day)
  • Search Terms (Negative keywords or Positive)
  • Audiences (Inclusion or Exclusion, Bidding)
  • Competitive Research & Metrics Monitoring
  • A/B Testing (Ads, Keywords, Campaigns & more)
  • Policy Issue Resolution (Disapprovals, Suspensions & more)
  • Conversion Tracking (Tag Testing, Verification & Upgrades

Social Media Management

Boost that presence

All the tools your business needs for you to get noticed.

Social Media is often overlooked, even if it’s evident at this point that entire empires have been built on social media, it’s one of the most poorly managed channels. Aside from building your brand, analyzing feedback, and testing hypotheses before investing money, social media also gives SEO a boost with search engines.

In addition to offering social media posts, we also manage Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns. We understand Big Data and optimize your budget.

Industry-Leading Social Media Management

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Twitter Ads

Pinterest Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Twitter Ads

Pinterest Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Sales Leads- Engagement- Traffic- Conversion

Web design

The foundation of your business

Your website is your first impression on your prospects. And you know, the first impression is what counts.

Our websites are modern, built to perform, and will take you where you need to go.

With a wide range of clients in Europe and the US, and focusing on WordPress websites (the web standard), we can build hyper-responsive, SEO-friendly, elegant websites to cause a wow-factor response in your audience. And if you need e-commerce features, we are an experienced WooCommerce builder, too.

Why our designs are the best

SEO Ready

Build to perform

Fully optimized

Industry best practices


Awesome on any screen

Optimized across devices

Functional, modern design


SSL Certificate included

WordPress security

Worldclass support


Ready to sell online

Optimize conversions

Streamline fulfillment

Built for speed

Fast load times

Pagespeed optimization

Google compliant

Dedicated Hosting

No shared hosting

Private VPN servers

Fair and affordable pricing

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Content Marketing

The backbone of your web presence: content as an investment

People Love Good Content, Google Loves Good Content… All Websites Should Have Good Content!

Well thought out, dynamic content is front and center of every page.

There are blog posts, tools or careful taxonomy that brings in million views for years. Content should be treated like the Internet real estate. If you create a good foundation, it can only appreciate in value over the years.

Content We Create


Creation of one or more blogs per month. Blogs are relevant to the products and services you offer. Minimum of 300 words, and we can post the content to your website. All blog content is original and SEO-ready. 


Articles are much like blogs, but tend to be larger and more formal. Like our blogs, content is original, engaging, and SEO-friendly.

Web Page Content

Need content for your website? Have duplicate content on your website that is hurting search engine performance? Tooldash content marketing team can help.

Social Media

Let our team keep your social media platforms fresh and your customers engaged. We can also use social media to distribute other content, like blogs or new product announcements.

Video Production

Our content team can also assist with video production. From the script to casting and production, we can help.

Podcast Production

Podcast listeners are on the rise, worldwide. We help with the production, editing, distribution, and marketing of your podcast. We got a media studio in-house, and we produce our own podcasts, too.  Been there, done that!

LinkedIn Ghostwriting

For B2B companies and professionals, LinkedIn is the place to be. Not every entrepreneur has the time or skills to write perfect copy, though. We are writers, journalists, poets, storytellers, authors, and entrepreneurs ourselves, and we know how to write eye-catching, breath-taking, scroll-stopping copy.

Let us handle that for you!

Misc. Content Needs

Let us know what your company needs, and we can create a unique solution to accommodate.

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Video Production

Lights! Camera! Action!

Add video production and TV commercials to your service portfolio. We help facilitate quality productions to help your customers generate more sales.

From web videos to TV Commercials, event videography and even documentaries, Tooldash can help your company create quality and affordable video productions that help communicate your message effectively, and boost sales.

We got Cannes, Hollywood, and Academy Award-winning producers on staff, with experience ranging from documentaries to action movies to web-tv productions. 

Experienced Video Production Team

Video Production

Quality video production services for web, workshops, events, TV commercials and documentaries. Talk to our team today!

2D & 3D Animation

Add 2D or 3D animation to your video, or have a completely animated video to create anything imaginable.


Not comfortable in front of a camera? We can provide full casting services for any video scenario. Let us help you find the perfect fit!

White Label/Resell

Tooldash’s video production team can operate under any brand name. We make it easy to add videos to your service portfolio.

Music Marketing

(Coming soon)


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