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About Us

Your Trusted Biz Dev Platform Partner

Welcome to MXS.VC, where we are dedicated to support the founder's journey from start to end.

Our end-to-end platform solutions, plus our marketplace of vetted partners will help founders, startups, SMBs, and every new project launch globally without roadblocks and mistakes.

Worldwide access to top-class business services through the only global BDaaS digital platform (BizDev-as-a-Service, yes we invented it).

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Our Services

We focus on entrepreneurs, startups and SMBs.

While we service every startup and entrepreneur, we cover a wide overlooked gap in the international market: we can incorporate you both in the US as in every other major business hub worldwide+we don’t serve only venture backed startups. We provide you incorporation, bookeeping, finance, legal, tax, banking, strategic consulting, and investor’s scouting services, so you can focus on your business. 

*Analyse the market through our in-depth research to evaluate and assess your best next steps. Get our insights in your inbox or book a call with an expert to avoid costly mistakes later down the road.


*Build your new business, globally. Choose where to incorporate your company, the form of your vehicle, accountant, lawyer, business banking, and financial/admin pros for your needs. 


*Get advanced tools to grow your business globally, from finance lending to competition analysis, from connecting with the right partners, to equity and other management tools.


*Sell part or whole of your business, for free. Leverage our relationships with investors. We are well connected with venture capitalists, micro-PE, family offices, business angels, portfolio companies, and brand aggregators.


Streamline your processes


The modern OS for global businesses.

We are a do-it-yourself platform with an agency behind and a vetted marketplace. So whatever method of interaction suits you the most, you can choose: quickly incorporate and launch your company in the country of your choice; book a call with one of our expert to dive deeper in your options; or just consult our marketplace section to find the solution you’re looking for and click on the related link to be transfer to one of our vertical local partners. Or you can do all of the above.

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