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We’re looking for co-founders (these are not paid jobs, rather equity opportunities) for the following brands.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We draft a partnership agreement between our company and the co-founder (it could be an individual or another company) on a project basis. The agreement states a time roadmap, the equity split, costs/revenue split, roles, modalities, and all other aspects of running a business together. The average minimum time to launch and evaluate the potential of a brand is 6 months up to 1 year. 

If the project is successful and has grown enough, we’d create a new company and we split equity, mirroring the initial agreement (or modifying it). Otherwise, we pivot or shut it down, and part ways.


At the moment, we seek co-founders, not employees.

You’d be an equity partner in the brand/company.




Occasionally, yes, it’s possible, but not ideal.

We’ll evaluate on a case by case basis.



Of course yes! 

We are a remote company and support remote work!

We will also assist you (through our partners) for tax &legal matters in case of incorporation, based on the state of incorporation and your fiscal residence, to be fully compliant with the law.