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Upgrade your membership to enjoy a full, unlimited access to all our resources and network. On top of our free features and newsletter, you get discounts on bespoke services and complex packages, the paid version of the newsletter included, more perks and recommendations, exclusive software/automations/integrations access and free calls with our experts.

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

You want better tools, strategies, data and partners to find more clients and expand your services globally.

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You want to launch a new project with solid foundations or expand into new markets based on grounded analysis and strategies.

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Business development made easy

From MXS Insights to Goldlist

Insights is our free newsletter: valuable but concise, quick, on-the-go. Packed with ideas and opportunities. When you turn to Pro you'll get its bigger sister: Goldlist. Deep dives into those opportunities, plus the how and the who and the where to make it happen: tools, contacts, glocalal market analysis.
Insights is an ideas' list. Goldlist is a goldmine..

Discounts on Services

Our platform is part DIY, part software and part consulting services. We leave the bespoke services for the most complex packages, where we and partners work hand in hand with you to build international businesses. That's a high-tier price ticket. With Pro you'll have discounts on those packages.

Full Access to the Platform

Premium areas, partners, and products of MXS.VC are reserved to members and hidden from the free membership. Sometimes we roll out free or extremely affordable software and tools, exclusively for members (see RanX and Placemate, for example. You can find related links in the footer menu.).

First to enjoy new APIs and Automations

We build our premium products and services with automations, AI and APIs. And we are constantly adding new ones. Only Pro members have access to Alpha and Beta features.

Perks+Free Calls

Pro members get awesome valuable perks from our technology partners, like €5k credits in AWS or 50%off hosting plans with Digital Ocean and stuff like that. On top, Pros also get 2 Free Strategy Calls with Mattia, our founder, or his team of dedicated professionals that cost hundreds or thousands per hour.

Exclusive invites to MXS House

MXS House is our network of spaces made for digital nomads, remote workers and startup teams. We also arrange retreats in those places or in our partners villas. You can find details on the MXS House site. PRO members get exclusive discounts, free invites and early birds access to those events and spots.

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  • 2 Free Strategy Calls
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