Our mission & philosophy

We create brands.

Building new brands and companies is incredibly hard, exceptionally hard when they are disruptive.

We aim to streamline the process and optimize startup launches, by mixing proprietary tools, owned distribution channels, partner structures and resources, and co-founding with exceptional talents. 

We are vertical agnostic.

Innovative process

Our approach

We partner with world-class founders and vertical-skilled professionals and combine our experience with data-driven insights, owned+partner channels, and our evolving network&knowledge base to hack venture building.

We are truly international, with a direct presence in major areas and partners in the main markets, globally.


Our approach

Multi-layered integrated approach


We got an extremely wide external layer of partners in key areas, from financing to marketing, from media buyers and agencies to government entities, tech companies, and incubators/accelerators, to distribution channels.


Aside from the business development and tech capacity, we got a small design agency and a multimedia production studio (book publishing, music label, video production, interactive)

Proprietary tools&assets

We got a digital marketing integrated platform (ToolDash, with tools for SEO, CRO, social media mgmt, file sharing, and more)+ own media channels (multi-lingual blogs, social pages/profiles, e-commerce stores).


We are vertical agnostic but we got a natural tendency towards the following sectors.

Digital Native Vertical Brands
Digital Art&

3 Ways to Work with Us


If we are interested in the idea and the market you want to enter, we activate our network, and know-how, and work with you to find the best way to do it. But we really have to love it.


If we are not into your thing, but we feel we are a great fit to evolve it, we work on a consulting basis as Business Developer, activating all our network, know-how, and data. We take on board only very few clients per year.


Do you want to sell your whole business or a stake in it? We introduce you to our investing partners, on a referral basis, acting as business talent scouts. Terms are strict here, get in touch only if your due diligence is in perfect order.


This is how we work
Be aware that you can't choose "a la carte" for the below services.
We'll tailor the process on a bespoke basis, depending on the type of collaboration.
As stated above page, there are only 3 ways of working together: "Co-Found"- "Consult"- Scout".
Based on the above selection criteria, we'll assign the right resources to you.


Get your physical product sold in physical retails, pop-up stores, events worldwide, and into e-commerce stores, through our vast retail partners network. If you have digital products, we'll help you get into deal sites and marketplaces.

Glocal Go-To Market

Choose a local market you want to penetrate and let us do the rest. We got hundreds of local business partners into hard to enter markets like Italy, Asia, Germany, Spain, UK, US.

Idea Validation

Through our network of data analysts, researchers and marketers, we are able to get precious, data-driven feedback on any idea and show you facts, analytics, and numbers to let you easily decide to pursue that idea or pivot, BEFORE you invest so much time and money in it.


Do you still at the idea stage? We help you form your company in the best form for your business and in the best place.


We help you get into incubators/accelerators globally.


So you want to sell your business... We match you with the right investor/buyer for free (no hidden fees for you).

Biz Dev

We'll activate the right channels in the right places at the right time, to let your business shine, whether you need help with marketing, sales, distribution, or strategy.


We help your product get off the ground quickly and at the best possible price through our immense network of developers, agencies, and designers.

Content Creation

Digital content is our bread and butter.


There's an insane amount of choice and confusion when it comes to choosing where to store and how to fulfill and ship your inventory, internationally or locally. We are your north star.


You need money as working capital to run your business. Lenders, borrowers, and new banks can help with that. We help you connect.


You need to connect the dots... Get in touch.


Our (not so) secret sauce for innovation
These are just some of them...


Showfield is a retail revolutionary store, fusing e-commerce and physical locations. Through this partnership, we can bring brands and art to stores around the world. Currently active in New York and Miami. Opening soon in London.


An innovative startup builder and consulting firm in Italy. Our go-to partner for local integrations.

by The Hustle

A business community&platform to validate ideas, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, study analytics and global trends.


UK's leading Pre-Accelerator for early stage startups

Italian CPA Firms

Our US legal&tax advisor focused on Italian operations in the US and US operations in Italy. Active in all United States, with a direct presence in New York, Miami, and Atlanta.


One of our investment partners for tech profitable brands.



High Alpha

Indianapolis-based global venture studio for B2B SaaS startups.


Global early-stage VC


Silicon Valley Bank. The bank for tech startups and ventures.


German agency focused on sales growth for software startups.

FE International

New York-based M&A advisors.

Stripe Atlas

Incorporation platform by Stripe

Assembled Brands

Ecommerce Lending for Consumer Goods Brands


Technology-first, direct-to-consumer fulfillment for the health and beauty industries.


Leading Spain Startup Builder

Codigo Del Sur

LATAM Top Creative&Development Agency


America's Best Dev Studio

Hawke Media

Leading North-America marketing agency

Sure Swift Capital

Dream exits for bootstrapped founders. Sell your SaaS business



Design, Digital Art & Multimedia Studio


Social Commerce Platform for Creators


Web Design & Branding Services