Our mission & philosophy

We co-found brands.

Building new brands and companies is incredibly hard, exceptionally hard when they are disruptive.

We aim to streamline the process and optimize startup launches, by mixing proprietary tools, owned distribution channels, partner structures and resources, and co-founding with exceptional talents. 

We are vertical agnostic.

Innovative process

Our approach

We partner with world-class founders and vertical-skilled professionals and combine our experience with data-driven insights, owned+partner channels, and our evolving network&knowledge base to hack venture building.

We are truly international, with a direct presence in major areas and partners in the main markets, globally.


How we work



When an idea it's worth pursuing, we take this approach
How it works


We have partnership in place with investors in revenue generating companies wanting to sell a part or the entire business..
How it works


We help you connect the dots to achieve your goals, giving you access to our know-how and huge network of vertical partners.


Concepts we're focusing right now

Future of food


Creators' economy

Sharing economy






1. Scout Idea

We analyses the market for potential ideas

2. Co-Founders

we start to seek the right co-founders and brand managers for the project

3. Prototyping

The MVP is developed quickly so we can start the product-market fit phase

4. Launch

The mvp is launched into the market to validate assumptions and gain feedback

5. External investment

Successful projects get spun out into their own companies with our support to raise external investment

6. Support

We stay involved with portfolio companies.


This service is totally free for sellers , our deal is with the buyer.

1. Intro

You introduce your business to us and we analyze the core pillars required 

  • 3-5 years operating history
  • net profit greater than $500k
  • a quality team in place.

2. Due Diligence

We check the basics and evaluate the best acquisition partners for you.


3. Match

We match you with the right investors (founders can choose to stay in the team or leave, usually).


We got global and vertical partners to help bring our brands and companies worldwide.

From retailers and distributors, to banks and lawyers, from marketing experts to app developers to e-commerce lenders. 


IAM+ Studio

For all your creative needs, we got our in-house design, branding&multimedia studio: IAM+

Click on the logo to check it out.