MXS Ventures

We take ideas from concept to company
Our diversified approach

We start and invest in digital businesses.

Sometimes we start and manage our projects internally, while some other times we partner with external co-founders. 

We co-found businesses. Sometimes we can help them get acquired by trusted partners.



1. Scout Idea

We analyses the market for potential ideas

2. Co-Founders

we start to seek the right co-founders and brand managers for the project

3. Prototyping

The MVP is developed quickly so we can start the product-market fit phase

4. Launch

The mvp is launched into the market to validate assumptions and gain feedback

5. External investment

Successful projects get spun out into their own companies with our support to raise external investment

6. Support

We stay involved with portfolio companies.

Apply with or without an idea

Maybe you are the perfect CEO or COO for one of our companies. Or apply with your idea to validate it.